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Ven.Bhikkhu. Bhante Mahintha Sakya

Name of Bikku / Bikkuni *Ven Bhikkhu. Bhante Mahintha Sakya
Origin place :Coimbatore City , Tamil Nadu State , India Country .
Congregation date : 
Staying vihara : *Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar
Address :Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar , Arumuga Nagar , Kasi Nanje kavundan pudur , G . N . Mill post , Coimbatore – 641029 , Tamil Nadu , India .
Phone number+91 9994084268 , +91 8111000229 ..
Facebook :Bhante Mahindha Sakya
Blog or websiteNIL
Brief note about Bikkus/Bikkunis :I am Theravada Buddist Monk , i trying samanera schools & college .
Achievement :I build sakyamuni buddha vihar
Literary Works :dhamma books writing

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