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Ven Bhikkhu Dhammashilarr

Name of BikkuVen Bhikku Dhammashilarr
Origin Place  Tamilnadu
Congregation date14.10.2010
Staying viharaMaha Mangala Buddha Vihar
Address :  No:54, Kavikuil street,  Ashok Nagar,Lawspet,Puducherry – 605 008
Phone number9655807945
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Brief note about BikkuBhikkhu literally means “beggar” or “one who lives by alms”. The historical Buddha, Prince Siddhartha, having abandoned a life of pleasure and status, lived as an alms mendicant as part of his śramaṇa lifestyle. Those of his more serious students who renounced their lives as householders and came to study full-time under his supervision also adopted this lifestyle. These full-time student members of the sangha became the community of ordained monastics who wandered from town to city throughout the year, living off alms and stopping in one place only for the Vassa, the rainy months of the monsoon season.
Achievement :  Pyranasingupalayam I have built a Night tuition centre. In that school I have given three computers and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 32 volumes nooks.

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